POOWONG PUB RUN – Sunday 23rd August

In Gippsland, it’s always a bit of a gamble scheduling an outing for the last weekend of winter, but on this occasion the weather gods smiled upon us, even delivering some much appreciated sunshine.  Twenty-five Sporting Register classic and sporting vehicles participated in the 80km run from Warragul to Poowong using some very scenic roads that took us to Bona Vista, Ellinbank, Lardner, Torwood, Topiram, Poowong East, Bena, Loch and Nyora before arriving at our destination in Poowong. Unfortunately, despite the local shires pledging to improve the quality of our roads, it is obvious that there are still numerous sections of secondary roads that have escaped their attention. Your correspondent skirted around most of the planned route to find a couple of scenic photo locations from which to shoot some action shots, but eventually caught up with convoy outside the Poowong Pub where members of a  South Gippsland classic vehicle club had also rendezvoused  after a run. This created a very interesting car park in the centre of Poowong with about 40 classic cars filling all the available spaces – almost an impromptu car show!

Several members expressed concern at seeing the editorial Fiat 124 Coupe parked by the side of the road along the route – please be assured that seeing a Fiat stopped at the side of the road does not automatically mean that it has broken down  🙂

Our thanks to Phil and Judy Barnard for organising the run and leading this impressive little convoy safely to Poowong.

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The gallery of photos below, were taken by Phil Barnard.

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