One only had to stand and look across the Woolworths’ Car Park between 8:00 and 10:00 am and observe people (most with a coffee in hand) chatting and admiring the plethora of sporting and classic cars to appreciate the popularity/success of this event. Even though there a number of other events happening in the region e.g. Farm World, Vic Hillclimb Championship Round 4 at Bryant Park, etc, there were in excess of 80 vehicles in attendance at the Breakfast Club.

Fortunately we were blessed with delightful weather conditions for this April meeting which encouraged owners of an amazing range of sporting classic cars to come along for a coffee and chat. Walking around and chatting to people the most heard comment was the amazing range of marques that are bought along to this event. It is quite enlightening to chat the owners of some these vehicles to hear some amazing stories about their pride and joy, whether it’s rare ‘barn find’ or a restoration followed by a classic rally which has taken them around Australia.

Along with extensive range of European, US and Australian marques there were also two OKAs in attendance which takes 4WD to a new dimension, (although they could be useful in city traffic, just get out of my way or I’ll run over the top of you!!!). Finally, a display that attracted most people’s attention and admiration was the hand built scale model of a ‘Riley 9’, I suggest you look at the photos on the Club’s web site to appreciate the amazing detail.

Words and photos by Phil Barnard










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