FEBRUARY MONTHLY MEETING, Warragul Country Club – Thursday 8th Feb

Our first meeting for the year gave members an opportunity to evaluate the move to a new venue. About 85 members and friends filled the Alfresco Room at the Warragul Country Club for our meeting and although it is not possible to bring a display car into the restaurant, having it directly outside seemed to work well – especially as we are still enjoying daylight savings and fine weather. The extensive a la carte menu offered a variety of meals at a range of prices and the service was very good. Unfortunately, our PA system was not quite up to the job, so hearing our speakers above the background noise was at times difficult.

John Hogbin and Bob Russell provided our display cars this month.

John’s recently purchased 2000 Volvo C70 convertible has replaced his white Ford Capri. This rag-topped 4-seater has the 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder turbo engine and a plush leather-trimmed interior. With 200,000 km on the clock and a refreshed engine John picked it up in Melbourne for a steal at only $500. It needed new tyres and a few other things for a roadworthy totaling about $1250, but everything now functions as it should, including the electric/hydraulic roof and with 4 seats there’s room for the grandchildren in the back.

Bob’s 1980 CM Regal Sedan was rescued from his brother who had it sitting in a shed doing nothing. This fully equipped luxury sedan was one of 4000 Regals produced before CM range was superseded. As a demonstrator at a Ballarat Chrysler dealer it was packed full of factory options including the 265ci hemi straight six, air conditioning, tape player, sports wheels and a tow pack. It would have retailed for around $10,400 in 1980, putting it well into the Luxury Car Tax bracket in today’s currency. The car is in excellent original condition having covered only 94,000km in 38 years. Bob will soon be loaning the car to the Maffra Vehicle Collection where it be on display until the end of July.

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