Wow our club is 20 years old, where did all those years go?   Although not a foundation member, I clearly remember wanting to join the club many years ago, and so it was that I sold my Formula V race car and purchased a very sad and sorry MG Midget from John Fowler. It took six years to rebuild 600 kgs of rust on four wheels, and it has now been on the road about 12 years.

I haven’t organised a club event for a number of years so feeling that I should do my committee duty, I put my hand up and volunteered to organise this event with assistance from number one son, David.

Plotting the route and organising the venue was the easy part. With only about two weeks to go I only had one couple other than ourselves going. Not even David and Claire could go as they had a commitment with Claire’s family, I was getting a little nervous, as too was Mein Host at the “Duck Inn”

Steve came to my rescue with an email to all members. That did the trick, for the next few days my email In Box was full with several SMS messages as well.  Average attendances over past years of about 60 to 65 was given as an estimate.  With a week to go we had 65 names and with 3 days to go we had 70, we were looking good.  Then things started turning pear shaped – with 2 days to go one couple were forced to drop out due to a family illness (unavoidable).

Saturday night the 16th, I didn’t enjoy a broken sleep as I pondered the possibility of further drop outs due to health or just not coming because of the terrible weather. As I lay there listening to approximately 25 mm of rain on our roof the words of our venue manager weighed heavily on my mind, “I have catered for 70 and all meals ordered will have to be paid for.” Sunday morning brought more cancellations, again unavoidable.  I was a little more nervous.

We arrived at the Shell servo at about 10.40am and I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few members cars already there.  There was a distinct absence of open sports cars, with Mercedes, BMW and Porsche being the dominant marques. While Lorraine and I drove a direct route, the drive participants drove to Willow Grove via Cloverlea, Yarragon, Yarragon- Shady Creek Road, Araluen Road, Old Sale Road and Wilkes Road with a nice little detour up Balfours Road (thanks for the suggestion Steve) then along Willow Grove Rd to the “Duck Inn” at Willow Grove, where a number of our easterly domiciled members met up with us.

Despite the weather outside, inside the Duck Inn was cosy and warm; the meal was lovely and the company was good. Looking around it was obvious that our members get on very well together through a common appreciation of motoring, sports and classic cars.

Normally I wouldn’t condone members turning up without prior booking and it happened again, but this time I was pleased. At the end of the day 72 meals were served.  It was all worthwhile.

Allan Richards.

Thank you to Allan for organising this event and to all the participants who braved the wintery conditions – Steve

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