A SUNDAY DRIVE – Sunday 6th December

As has been the pattern these past eight months, sizable club gatherings or outings are off the agenda, but small groups of club members have been organising outings to give their cars a run and catch up with others who they haven’t seen for a while. I was fortunate enough to be invited on such a run last Sunday by Rob Nolan who assembled seven drivers, four in Boxsters, one in a 911, another in an MX5 and your correspondent in a Fiat 124 Coupe, for a morning’s romp around the hills south of Loch before returning to John Stoker’s place in Nyora for a BBQ lunch.

The route from Warragul took us south along Lardners Track to the Torwood-Topiram Rd and onto Poowong and Loch where John was waiting to join us. We then followed Paul Mogensen in the MX5 down to Kernot and across to the coast at Grantville. The weather was less than clement there, with regular showers and a gale-force wind, so we didn’t venture far from the carpark before departing on an easy run down the highway through Bass and Anderson to Kilcunda for a morning tea out in the elements on the front porch of the café. The return trip to Loch took us through Archies Creek, Almurta and Krowera, but our convoy broke up thanks to traffic joining the road at various points which slowed our progress somewhat. It was nice, however, to see (and hear) a group of about 20 Porsches enjoying an outing and heading in the opposite direction. We regrouped in Loch and followed John to his property at Nyora where he provided a massive BBQ lunch for us on his large sheltered deck at the back of his house. Thank you for the hospitality John, and to everyone else for their company on a pleasant day out enjoying our passion for driving sports and classic cars.

Steve Schmidt


Thanks for the write up and great photographs.

John Stoker

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