Thank you to all those who contributed to our latest Covid lockdown activity.

3 Responses:

Rick Dathan: “All good photos.  Some I was especially impressed with – whether for humour, composition or content.  This was a great idea, Steve.”

Sue Waghorn: “Great photos…and good to see we are not the only ones with pets who love our cars as much as we do!! Great idea Steve. Looks like you will have to come up with a few more given we are grounded again. Thanks.”

Jeff Goss: “What fantastic photos of our furry friends with our rolling obsessions. I remember Ron Brooks mate Harry the Labrador and the regular visits he made to our home in the cobra and various other wheeled conveyances that Ron had over the years. I recall Harry being less than impressed when he had to stay behind at our house when Ron allowed me to scare myself witless driving the Cobra, at least Ron was in Harry‘s seat.”

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3 Responses to CARS WITH PETS

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