MID-WEEK RUN to NOOJEE. Wednesday 20th October

When John Fowler was unable to plan future mid-week runs, he called for a volunteer to take over. Ron and Loraine Knight immediately took up the challenge, and what a mighty job they did, despite never having planned and led an event before.

Covid restrictions required that only takeaway coffee could be had at Darnum and a mere 30 outdoor diners at Noojee. Once advertised, the list of 30 filled up in a few hours.

After meeting at Darnum for the customary coffee (although outdoors) we set out for Noojee on a beautiful, sunny Gippsland day. Run sheets had been handed out before Ron confirmed the details, reminding drivers of the convoy rules to be observed.

From Darnum, we started by crossing the highway and travelled through Nilma to the Old Sale Road.

We then joined the Old Princess Highway at Robinhood, before turning onto Jackson’s Track through Jindivick then on to Neerim South. Next, we headed to another Neerim – Neerim East.

It was here that the meticulous planning went pear shaped. Just after Neerim East we came to a sudden stop, blocked by a large cypress tree blown across the road. Thankfully, a crew had arrived to clear the road. Thinking that we would only have a short wait while they cut the top out of the tree, allowing us to squeeze past, this was not to be. They said we would have to wait at least two hours while they cut up the tree.

However, they did suggest a good short cut back to Neerim South. Very helpful indeed!   This turned out to be a gravel road (many unhappy, dusty car owners!) which led us back to our original road.

Loraine thankfully had alerted the Noojee Hotel of our delay to ensure that we would still get lunch. The pub was very understanding and confirmed that we would still be fed.

After arriving back at Neerim South, we turned right towards Noojee. Following the lovely windy Noojee Road, we soon arrived at the T-intersection taking us to the Hotel.

What wonderful roads and country-side Ron and Loraine had chosen for us to travel through. Coupled with a beautiful sunny day, (Ron claimed he had ordered the weather!) this was indeed a most pleasant run. Thanks Ron and Loraine.

The outside meal at the Pub was up to the usual high Noojee standard, and in a delightful setting. Looking around, I couldn’t help thinking that the limit of 30 people was over-restrictive when 10,000 could attend the Melbourne Cup. However, we must obey the rules.

After an extended lunch hour, people started to drift off, homeward bound.

Congratulations to Ron & Loraine for treating us to such a great outing. Very well done.

Any volunteers to plan future runs?

Words by Ken Wright, photos by Ron Knight.


Stan Hodgson “Yes great day out. Thank you to Lorraine & Ron. Even detour was scenic. Regards Stan & Marita”.

David McDermott “What a beautiful day for a car run. Well done to Loraine and Ron for their first attempt. The falling tree was the only issue, but what’s a little dust between friends.”

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