BROUGHTON HALL Garden Visit, Sunday 31st October

If anybody wishes to share their experiences of this event with a report or photos please email your material to or comment in the box below the Photo Gallery.

Apologies for not posting the first set of photos taken from the Tarago River Bridge at Jindivick, my camera has probably been dropped once or twice too often and has now decided to occasionally function without the auto-focus. The second set of photos taken along the Rokeby-Jindivick Rd came out OK and are posted below.

Our next drive is on Sunday 21st November

to the Bryant Park Hillclimb facility at Yallourn.

Meeting at: The Stump Tea Rooms, Main Street, Darnum. No need to book.

Departure time: 10:00am, so please arrive and be ready to leave at least 10 minutes prior.

Stopping at: Thorpdale bakery for morning tea/brunch and/or toilet.

Route: Leaving Darnum, we will take a series of delightful back roads to Thorpdale, then via Coalville and Hearnes Oak to Newborough and Bryant Park. Return route is up to you, but freeway access is only five minutes from the track.

Upon arrival at the track, please arrange yourselves into groups of around six to eight vehicles. No helmets, etc are necessary, and you can take passengers – remember, this is a touring event! Each group will be led around the track at a ‘brisk road pace,’ alternating with the other groups. There should be an opportunity to get a photo of your car on the track at some stage.

Please note there is no food or drink available at Bryant Park, so it might be an idea to pack a munchie and thermos/drink as we may be there a while.

Further deails are in Idle Chatter.


Thanks to Ian Maud for organizing this outing. We have never visited Broughton Hall and are so glad that we now have. An inspirational garden. It was a delightful day; the weather perfect and not far from home. Thanks also to the club for subsidising the entrance fee.
Jenny and Ian Honey

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