MARCH BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul – Sunday 13th March

The sun is rising later each morning, and while we are still on daylight-saving you now begin to notice how long it takes before full daylight is achieved. It was a beautiful morning, but a terrible one for photographing classic cars. The harsh, bright sunshine was casting long shadows with large areas of shade on the western side of buildings. But, for most participants that mattered little.

Despite being in the middle of a long weekend, and running up against a swag of other events including the Phillip Island Classic, we had a pleasing turnout of about 70 vehicles. There were a few regulars missing, but it was nice to meet some new enthusiasts and check out their wheels. Chris Evans’ daughter Sabina has been driving to this event in her dad’s Golf GTI TCR on L-plates for quite a while, but she now has her own tastefully customised VW Polo on which to hang those plates. I am pleased to say the Polo has a manual transmission – kudos to Sabina. We hadn’t seen Andy Thorp’s true-blue XY GT Falcon for quite a while, but it’s now been freshened up and it drew quite a crowd. John Fowler somehow managed to bring both his Jaguar sedans along and park them next to each other for a family photo, and this month I managed to have a good look at Richard Rowley’s ‘new’ Ford Thunderbird which was discretely parked next to his old convertible Mustang that now belongs to Stan Hodgson.

As usual there was a broad range of makes and models with an obvious bias towards those with a more sporting heritage. There were at least five MGs, a handful of MX5s and Jaguars, a couple of Nissan Z cars, Beach Buggies, Minis and Mustangs, some classic Aussie muscle in the form of Glenn Campbell’s Charger and Andy’s Falcon GT, two each of Z4 Bimmers and Stags together with a stunning Aston Martin Vantage, an RX7 turbo, a new (Toyota/BMW) Supra and a beautiful Ferrari Maranello.

It was a busy morning catching up with the happenings of the past month, so I’m sure to have left out a lot of what was going on. A few of us headed off to Drouin later in the morning and took some shots of our cars in Civic Park.  It’s certainly a more photogenic backdrop than Harvey Norman’s and a Discount Grog Shop.


Stan Hodgson, “Thanks again Steve for all your help and input.  Love your story on navigating for Denny Hulme.  Reminds me of the Sterling Moss Milli Migila adventure with his navigator story having a rolling action plan step by step. Sorry forgot his name? Richard still wants to do a Mustang buy back but I love the car.”

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