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For Sale.  $4,000

1974 Peugeot 504 TI manual.

Bright yellow with tan and black interior.  Rare early model with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection and factory-fitted steel sunroof.

Full service history.

2 owners.  My late father bought it 40 years ago from the original owner.  Always garaged or in a large carport.  Not driven at all since 2014.  Mechanically very good.  Engine rebuilt in 1996.  Gearbox synchro replaced in 2011.  Driven very little after that.  Dad was 97 at the time.

Brakes need attention.  Probably the master cylinder.  I start it periodically and bring it up to temperature with the heater circuit open, and let it run at a fast idle for 15 minutes to keep the battery and all engine juices happy.  It starts easily and runs well.

The body needs attention as it has some supermarket parking door dings, and has the classic 504 and 505 rust in places around the windscreen and rear window rubbers.

Interior is largely very good.  The odd vinyl split or crack, but there are also some hard to get trim parts plus a mountain of other spares.  The dashboard top is crack, as they almost always are, but it has a dash mat fitted.

Dad converted it from the Australia twin headlights to the French trapezoidal lights in the mid-80s.  A friend and neighbour has a slightly younger 504 wreck that has the Australian lights if local originality is important.  He’s happy to sell whatever other parts that may be of interest.

Lots of photos available on request including close-ups of the rust spots, and the service history and original purchase receipt.

The spares include another petrol tank.  The original was clagged up by stale petrol, various bits of stainless trim, new tail light and indicator lenses, door trim, etc.

Warwick Brooks