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P76 V8 suitable for parts or reconditioning.  $150.

I picked it up about 10 years ago for a friend in the UK who bought it on ebay from a wrecker’s yard in Frankston.

He was going to arrange transport to the UK, but shortly afterwards, his circumstances changed and it’s been sitting in my shed ever since.

During that time, I’ve removed the spark plugs several times and poured some AFT into each cylinder.

I’ve recently removed one of the heads for inspection.  The other head has one bolt that I can’t loosen.

I can’t see or feel a ridge at the tops of the cylinders that are accessible.  The cam lobes look good too.

There is also one broken bolt for the inlet manifold.

The crankshaft turns over smoothly for as many revolutions as you like.  Both clockwise and anticlockwise.

It’s time to find it a new home.

I also have a pair of Ford 302 bare cylinder heads.  V2 closed chamber.

Just the bare castings.  No valves or valve gear.

Not sure what they’d be worth.

Contact:  Warwick Brooks