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1988 Toyota MR2, AW11 model, factory-fitted with 4AGZE (supercharged) motor, 5-speed heavy-duty gearbox with LSD.



  • Motor internals standard
  • Extractors and custom exhaust fitted
  • External custom cold air inlet scoop made & fitted, links to custom cold air box housing pod air filter
  • Oversized crank pulley kit fitted (speeds up supercharger)
  • Adaptronic ECU fitted, using custom plug-in kit (made by Adaptronic especially for this car) – (cost ~$3,000+ to fit and tune)
  • Oil pump lowered (avoiding oil surge in sump)
  • Last time on dyno, registered 152 hp at the wheels.


  • Aluminium flywheel fitted
  • Uprated clutch
  • Accurate TDC found using dial guage, marked on flywheel

Suspension & steering:

  • Re-designed suspension geometry (moved roll centres, changed castor/camber and strut angles
  • Lower ride height
  • Stiffened springs
  • Nolathane suspension bushed throughout
  • Custom struts made, using a ‘coil-over’ kit.
  • Aluminium spacers F & R to change suspension angles at droop and bump
  • New aluminium solid top mounts made, featuring race-grade spherical joints
  • Strut-top brace bars fitted F & R: F is custom, R is Cusco (I think)
  • Re-set suspension settings
  • Steering rod ends replaced with race-grade rod ends
  • Roll/bump steer spaced & tuned out
  • Front: adjustable castor links from Corolla modified & fitted
  • Front (standard) and rear (Whiteline) sway bars fitted (not being used at present)


  • Grooved & drilled ventilated rotors fitted at F, drilled fitted at R
  • Braided stainless steel flexible brake hoses made and fitted
  • Upgraded pads
  • Custom hydraulic handbrake made & fitted: fits under the car, up under fuel tank so basically invisible from under car – is linked to cable handbrake, which is still fitted, and can be adjusted so acts before, after, or together with cable handbrake.

Bodywork & interior:

  • Flared guards
  • Modified & lightened rear bumper
  • Lightened front bumper
  • Radiator angle changed: front bonnet vented – radiator air now exhausts through top of bonnet
  • Boost guage fitted
  • CAMS-approved full roll cage designed and fitted (custom): to build a similar cage at today’s prices I’m told would cost $4,500 – $5,000.
  • Race seats fitted (will remove for road use)
  • 4-point race harness for driver
  • New paint las t December: acrylic white on front bonnet and engine cover: 2-pack grey on bottom half of car.
  • Cut-off battery switch fitted


  • Car is set up to be road-able, but to also run competitively at a variety of club events.
  • Has regularly won class and several times has come first outright in:
    • Motorkhana
    • Khanacross
    • Hillclimb
    • Observed Section Trial
    • Economy run
  • Is consistently at the top end of its class in sprint racing – usually only losing out to dedicated race cars.
    • Phillip Island fastest lap 1min: 58.0s
    • Winton fastest lap: 1min: 41.7s

This car would suit someone who wants to continue a similar use as I have intended, or with some changes, could be returned to a quick road car.

I am asking $9,500, which is not a lot more than the roll cage and ECU system are worth!

Many more pictures available on request: e-mail Ian at: or phone on 0414 580921.






 For Sale – Deceased Estate

  The Equipment is in Altona and all prices are negotiable as it is his sons deceased estate.
The fathers name is Franz on 0408 315 152.
SEE PHOTO GALLERY at bottom of list

Lathe:  ($5500 ?  incl. accessories)

Hafco model AL356V with accessories

4-Jaw Chuck

Live Centre

Lathe Toolset Kit

Lathe Threading Kit

Knurling Tool

Parting Off Block and Blade

Travelling and fixed ‘Steady’

Mill-Drill: Hafco model HM48 with accessories:  ($4000  ? incl. all accessories)

Rotary Table for Mill:

Machine Vice (5”) for Mill:

Clamp Kit for Mill:

Bench Grinder: Hafco model BG-8  ($200  ?)

Bench Grinder/Linisher:  LINISHALL model BG8: ($350  ?)

Dual Sliding Compound Mitre Saw (30cm) Makita model LS1214  ($500  ?) – incl. adjustable Roller Stand:

Air Compressor (2.5 Hp):  ($200  ?)

Cut-Off Drop Saw (35cm): Makita model 2414NB  $180  ?)

Pneumatic Nail Gun : Air BPD model PCN565 (Coil Nailer 32 – 65mm) : ($200  ?)

He also has the following with no suggested prices  as yet:

Post Hole digger – petrol engine, 6 to 8 inch augur
A fairly new shed 9m x 5.5m, fully insulated, roller door, mezzanine floor, to be dismantled.
Electronic scales
Twin carbs and Manifold
Car Jack stands,
Wet & Dry Vacuum
Angle Grinder & discs
Spray Gun and regulator
Makita Router