BREAKFAST CLUB ? Warragul. Sunday 11th November

Perfect weather and the appearance of about 30 veteran cars on a tour (I hesitate to call it a run) through West Gippsland made this one of our most successful breakfast gatherings ever. Sports and classic cars were spilling out into Palmerston St and onto Victoria St, as well as filling up spaces closer and closer to the supermarket. A large crowd of early morning shoppers were drawn to the display and the place was really buzzing. Several Sporting Register members took the opportunity to bring out of hibernation vehicles we hadn?t seen for a while. Cars like John Moore?s Healey 3000 Rally replica and Bill Cropley?s Mustang, which is now back on the road after a series of traumatic events, hadn?t seen the light of day for quite a while and it was great to see them being given a run.? We also saw Greg Noller?s race prepared MGA for the first time, as well as Steve Trapnell?s very original Torana SLR 5000. Too many cars to list in detail, but a fabulous morning with something for everyone?s taste in cars.

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