The grass was green, the sun was shining, just the thing for a bit of hooning, legal of course! First there was the flag and cone race, were the driver navigates a course around a number of cones while his crew member tries to collect the flags from each cone , and then has to replace them after the driver has negotiated a course around central marker flag. The second event was a combination of car croquet and hockey. With a plastic hockey stick a ball has to be hit through hoops, and the car then driven into a garage at the finish. Finally we had the popular speed event ! or clover leaf .  The driver has to negotiate a leaf of the clover  after retuning to a  central flag each time. This event allows for a bit of hooning for the less serious drivers, while those taking things more seriously take it easy, with minimum wheel spin and sliding , but with much less fun! !.
After the events on Kevin’s nice smooth lawn we adjourned to the pool area for our BBQ and presentations.  President Glenn gave a short Christmas / End of Year wind up speech and thanked Kevin for the use of his home and garden for our motorkhana .      John Weymouth
Pictures by Phil Barnard

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