This mystery run was planned for a couple of different venues, but with uncertain weather conditions and the possible threat of fire danger to our north and east, Mark, our Event Director, decided to keep the event within our local shire. The route took us from Warragul along the Old Sale Rd to Willow Grove, through Hill End and the magnificently lush forests around Fumina South and Icy Creek, then on to Noogee and back to Jindivick through all the various Neerims. A round trip of a little over 100 kms on what would be terrific roads if they weren’t so poorly maintained. Traffic was very thin on this holiday Monday, so we were able to enjoy the roads at our own pace most of the time. A picnic lunch was enjoyed at the Jindivick Cricket Ground where the grounds and facilities were very nice. The 25 participating cars were all parked together next to the picnic area and looked a treat. It was great to see so many roofless sports cars enjoying the mild, although somewhat smokey conditions. Thanks to Mark for his efforts in preparing the run after Glenn realised he wouldn’t be able to, owing to family wedding on the same day.

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