MOSSVALE PARK, MUSIC for the PEOPLE – Sunday 24th Feb

Gathering point for the run was at the Trafalgar Railway Station, with Bob & Sue in the Porsche, John & Cheryl in the Alpine, Greg & Diane in the Porsche disguised as a white Disco, Allan & Francis Oakes in a little white sedan, and? Gus & Sue in the MGA
The run up through Thorpdale was entertaining with some of us stuck behind what appeared to be a B-double which thankfully stopped at Thorpy. At Mirboo Nth we picked up Sandra in her MGB and proceeded to Mossvale Park where Paul & Connie Butterfield had already arrived in their TR5.
The music throughout the day was put on by the South Gippy Wind Orchestra, South Gippy Shire Brass Band, Wonthaggi Citizens Band and the Victorian Concert Orchestra. Very warm temperatures were experienced throughout the day with little wind, with the exception of the Wind Orchestra of course.
During the second half of the performances the Bands and the Singers seemed to pick up pace as well as notes and the last couple of hours were very entertaining. Bob Murphy was constantly encouraging the newer members to participate in the singing by conducting to the rear rows.
At the conclusion of a very enjoyable days activities a farewell was given to all and we headed off to our home destinations.
Thanks to Bob and Sue for organising the event.
Gus Luke

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