LAST of the CHROME BUMPERS, Lardner Park – Sunday 6th October 2013

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Originally held at the Coralyn Recreation Reserve, this show out-grew its venue a couple of years ago, and had to be moved to Lardner Park, just south of Warragul.

There was a greater variety of cars compared to that at Old Gippstown last Fathers day. Still mostly American iron but with a wider time scale, from the early ‘20s to the last chrome bumpers of the 80s. Many more European and British cars, mostly sports cars with a smattering of saloons. MGs, Triumphs, SL Benzs, Porsche, E-type Jags and Corvettes. Also lots of Mustangs, Camaros and a lone Barracuda. British saloons included a variety of Jags. Rovers, Vauxhalls, and the lovely white RM Riley drop head that was at Old Gippstown. Lots of Holdens of course, and plenty of Fords, including a few English Fords such as Escorts, Pilots and Capri.

There was also a swap meet and plenty of trade stands, many under cover in Lardner Park’s vast display halls. There were also plenty of food and drink stands.

Alex and I enjoyed the show and can recommend it in the future.

Words by John Weymouth, pictures by Alex Weymouth. 

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