DECEMBER BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 8th December

Your editor arrived in his Bugeye  conscientiously a few minutes before 8am to set up the half a dozen marker cones which we use to deter non-sporting or classic car owners from parking in the lower section of the Woolworths’ car park that we’ve claimed as our own. I need not have bothered packing the cones, however,  because there were already about 20 special vehicles in position when I rolled up – with more arriving every minute. As it turned out, this month’s gathering attracted over 90 sports and classic cars as well as several motorcycles, making it the largest gathering we’ve ever had at one of these mornings. Luckily, I had remembered to bring along some membership application forms and spare magazines, as we picked up at least a couple of new recruits during the morning. I bet that our Treasurer had wished he’d stayed in bed, Phil was in demand all morning as more and more members used the opportunity to renew their memberships for next year.

The weather was perfect for top-down motoring, so the sports car fraternity and their convertible classmates were in their element. There were also coupes and sedans with vehicles ranging in age from vintage to prewar to classic to modern. There was certainly a wide selection of makes and models to inspect, making it difficult for the onlookers to select their favourite.

With such a tremendous turnout, we spilled out of the southern section of the carpark and into the area fronting Woolworths as well as onto the road side parking areas. The Sunday morning shoppers didn’t seem to be perturbed by our presence, many taking the time to admire the display and chat with the car owners.

This was our final Breakfast gathering for the year. We will resume at the same venue, same time on Sunday 12th January 2014. If you haven’t brought your special vehicle along to one of these events yet, make it a priority for 2014.

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