BREAKFAST CLUB, Sunday 12th January. Warragul CBD

It may have been the fine weather, or the fact that those still on holidays were looking for an excuse to get out and about; but the Sporting Register’s first event for 2014 was another cracker! Over 80 classic, sporting and special interest vehicles assembled together in the Woolies’ car park and enjoyed a spectacular gathering with cars coming and going throughout the morning. There was no dominant theme this month, although a splendid clutch of MGs managed to secure an alcove of their own beside a sleek modern Jag coupe, and a TR6 squeezing in as premium spaces became increasingly scarce. There was certainly a strong contingent of Triumphs this month with the TR4 being the most favoured model. Sports cars were certainly out in force, as were sporting coupes – both classic and modern, there were Australian muscle cars in the form of arch rivals GTHO, RT Charger and XU1, some American iron needing bigger parking spaces, numerous classic sedans and some superb vintage cars including our president’s ‘new’ Sunbeam tourer. As usual we had visitors from far and wide, it looked as though the Nissan Prince / Skyline / Isuzu Bellet Clubs had picked up on our event, as there were at least a couple of each marque parked together in the crowd. There was also a very cute, original looking Ford Anglia, a competition-prepared MG Magnette and a classic VW-based Beach Buggy straight out of the ’70s.
All in all, a great event and an excuse to catch up on what’d been happening behind the scenes during the Christmas / New Year break.

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