VICTORIAN HILLCLIMB CHAMPIONSHIP Rd 2 ? Rob Roy (Christmas Hills) 2nd March

Your editor didn?t make it to Rob Roy this year, but has received this report on the event from Ian Holdsworth

Steve, We didn?t see you at Rob Roy, here?s some information you might like to use in the magazine.

David Anderson (MGB) won his class. Jane got back in her MG and went straight up past the culvert that broke her spring last November, sending her into a spin, and into the trees. She was very lucky to not total the car, and? and injure herself – so well done to Jane for getting back into the action.

Our Mazda RX7 managed 5th outright, we beat the Cobra Daytona by a second at his home track. This track is frightening at these speeds, we were reaching 140-150 km/h at the top of the hill, with not much more than 60 meters to pull up in. On top of that, they put bales of hay in front of the emergency gate, so that?s another 3-4 meters lost for braking. I want to go back again, as I missed out on the class record set 4 years ago by the Cobra,?by just 2 tenths of a second. On the last run for the day, I needed 3 tenths, I picked up that with 10.8 at split, normally 11.2, but was slower on the top half.?David Anderson cracked his sump on the culvert three cars prior to my run, it spilt oil on top half of track, so while looking for the oil, I lost my lines !

In all,?it was a very successful meeting for the RX7. The MG club run a very good event up there, with good food all day.

Ian Holdsworth

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