MIDWEEK RUN to GARFIELD, Thursday 28th August

Great sunny weather greeted 15 members and friends as we met for coffee before leaving the Darnum General Store to head to Garfield. As usual John Fowler headed the group in his Mazda followed a MG V8, Sunbeam Alpine, Corvette, Mini, 2 Mustangs (yes, we are starting to take over), a very nice TR6 that had come from Dandenong for the run and a couple of modernies.
We headed off through Gainsborough, Ellinbank, Lardner, Drouin South down Costers Rd., to Modella through to Bayles, turned and headed to Tynong then to Garfield. Our first stop was the Cannibal Creek Bakery which Jan had organised for our group to visit. This was a very old wood-fired bakery that had been restored over several years and was now used to produce sour dough bread five days a week. The fire box had to reach a temperature of 450*C to heat the huge brick lined oven. We sampled toasted sour dough bread, (several members came back for more than seconds, they shall remain nameless). From the bakery we proceeded to the other end of town to Impodimo-a new caf? and gift shop where we were joined by a couple of extra members. Everybody enjoyed the luncheon especially the deserts. Once again John and Jan did a great job again organising the Mid-week run.

Bill Cropley

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