What is it that catches our eyes and engenders a little ?wow? under our breath as we exhale?
A beautiful garden, or perhaps a magnificent motor car – and at the Schmidt?s Open Garage and Garden they came together.
It is something about purity of line, whether curved or straight. Straight lines in trellised walkways and piles of fire wood; curved lines in garden beds of shaped and textured bushes. Then sometimes there?s a beautiful conjunction of the curved and straight.
What about cars, the visiting E-Type immediately springs to mind, with perhaps the most beautiful curves ever, and lasting forever – no doubt a recognised classic. And the E30 BMW with its straight lines that lasted I think, 11 years before BMW felt the need to change them.
And what a joy for car club members as they came together on this beautiful Sunday morning. Steve and Jenny each expressing their own creativity with straight lines and curved in gardens and cars. Somehow it all melded into that purity of line that tweaks our aesthetic senses. Thanks you two.
Ian Murray

The Open Garage and Garden was a very well attended laid-back affair that followed several weeks of preparation in both the garden and garages; but like most things, it all came together in the end and it was a pleasure to share our property with all the Club members and visitors who turned up. The collection of classic cars in the driveway was a joy to behold and added some contrast and variety to those on display in the garages.
Thanks also to Geoff Miller who provided the two Moto Guzzi and the BMW classic motorbikes which were also on display. Geoff was unable to be present on the day, but was kind enough to leave his bikes for us to admire.
Steve Schmidt

Photos by Ian Murray and Steve Schmidt

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  1. Stephen Hoole says:

    Brilliant! Thank you Steve and Jenny. What a great club. Friendly and generous members and beautiful cars of all types.

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