I was lucky enough to attend Motorclassica this year in the Fiat Dino despite an early start for a 7am arrival at the Exhibition Buildings with the other 14 Fiats for display in the Club Section – many people left home at first light. This pole position does however ensure a chance to see the immaculate cars inside before it gets too busy.
Once again this year saw many great cars on display for first time in the flesh – pictures don’t do these cars justice. The two Alfa s from the 20s & 30s were both amazing. Both had real presence. I spent a fair chunk of time hanging around the Lancia Stratos, meeting the owner who was happy to tell me about the sourcing and restoration of the car. This car looked prefect. It was funny to watch a high-end businessman sweat as the concourse judges went over it with a fine tooth comb – I mean like wiping under side of suspension coils checking for dust or the tyre tread for a grain of salt ? Really!! Mental note to self: Never enter a car in a concourse competition. I don’t need the stress and it?s hard for a car that’s actually driven to cut the mustard with that level of judging. Anyway the Stratos owner also has a Ferrari Dino and is now looking for a Fiat Dino to complete his collection. It made me feel pretty good, even if it was a Dino Spyder that he wanted.
I enjoyed the long day and it was worth the trip down to the big smoke.
Cheers, Mike Whitford

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2 Responses to MOTORCLASSICA 2014

  1. Mal Collins says:

    Looks like it was well worth the early start,some great cars there,some I have not seen before.

  2. Barry Hatswell says:

    Very nice to be able to read this report on the Motorclassica. It is one of my favourite events due to the spectacular standard of vehicles and the exhibition building being second to none as a venue. Unfortunately I am interstate this year so thanks for your insight into the event Mike.

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