NOVEMBER BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 9th November

Perfect Spring weather enticed many of our members, as well as lots of other classic car enthusiasts, to take their special cars on a run  to the monthly breakfast gathering in Warragul on the 9th of November. A rough count estimated the number of cars at between 70 and 80 with, as John Fowler pointed out, over two dozen of them being of British origin – a tiny Austin Seven, an A40 ute, several MGs, Sprites and Triumphs, a Mini, Sunbeam Alpine, heaps of Jaguars, a low-light Morrie Minor and even a Standard 8. Other unusual vehicles included John Crawford’s tiny 1920’s Amilcar, a classic Ford coupe Hot Rod, a neat 1970’s VW-based beach buggy in metal-flake Electric Blue, Eric Irvine’s new 1978 Fiat 124 Spider and Mark Stanford’s stunning Lancia Montecarlo. There was even a very tidy Subaru Brumby Ute – a model that has attained legendary status amongst ute fanciers.

There were also 3 Ford Capris (the later version, not the earlier English classic), a few limited edition Aussie muscle cars, several Mustang pony cars and some heavy-hitting German muscle from the factories of Porsche and Mercedes. Japanese cars continue to increase their presence thanks to the popular MX5, MR2 and RX7 models – Korean vehicles, however, are yet to make their presence known.

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