MID-WEEK RUN, Darnum to Bunyip ? Thursday November 20th.

We have all seen the incredible success of the Breakfast Club each month, and so it would seem that John & Jan Fowler?s mid-week runs are also proving to be quite popular. This is the second time we have been able to do a mid-week run and both times we have seen a minimum of 12 cars, regardless of weather.

Thursday 20th November saw the running of another luncheon drive, this time from Darnum to Bunyip. We assembled at Darnum Stump Tea Rooms at approximately 10.30am, where some of our number enjoyed morning tea. Our fearless leader, John arrived unfortunately without Jan. It seems that when you have been waiting several weeks for a plumber and the said tradie arrives today, someone has to stay home and supervise. We missed you Jan.

At about 11.00am our varied convoy headed off led by John Fowler ? Eunos.
The convoy comprised; Richard & Maria Morgan ? Mazda MX 5. Bob & Sue Murphy in the recently acquired BMW Z4. John Cobbledick in the old faithful Jaguar XJ 6. and to keep the brand name company, Ray Murphy in his beautiful Jaguar XK8. and Alan & Frances Oakes in their Hyundai. Alan, we could always cut the roof off the Getz and paint it red ! Eddie Hammond was driving his lovely Triumph TR4 navigated by Brian Jolley, the chrome wire wheels on the TR4 were sparkling in the springtime sunshine. Rod & Sue Wilson were driving their resplendent black BMW, unfortunately I didn?t catch the model. Mike Whitford had a lonely drive in his 230 SLK Mercedes, and Lorraine and I rolled our MG Midget out of the shed for an outing.

With a forecast temperature of around 28C, we all enjoyed a leisurely drive from Darnum to Bunyip via Shady Creek, Nilma North, Buln Buln, Rokeby, Droun West and Longwarry with soft tops firmly stowed away. It was a leisurely drive as we passed a ?cash register? – I mean Road Safety Camera, on Bloomfield Road at a maximum speed of 85 Kph.

We were met at ?Biddy Martha?s? tin shed by John and Jenny Rooke in their Triumph TR6, and also by Victor Brandi in his Mercedes 450 SLC.

Lunch was very enjoyable and quite reasonably priced.

Thanks John for all your hard work in organizing this outing, we enjoyed the day as I trust others did as well. To enjoy good food, good company and our classic cars, in my opinion, is one of the joys of life.

Words by Allan Richards, photos by John Fowler

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  1. Ian Mallows says:

    Sounds like we missed a great day out. Rumour has it that someone left the convoy and detoured into the Drouin Golf Club.

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