MAY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 10th May

Mothers? Day dawned as a bleak, wet and blustery morning in Warragul with half an inch of rain falling overnight turning the last of the fallen autumn leaves into a saturated spongy mess on our driveway. Attendance at the breakfast gathering was expected to be down because of Mothers? Day, but the persistent rain probably put more people off.
Your correspondent set off from home in his Fiat 124 Coupe, thankful and somewhat surprised to find the lights, wipers and demister all working properly (well, by 1968 Italian standards anyway). The dragging rear brakes and the blown rear hub oil seal, had both been repaired since the Fiat Nationals, and the newly installed carpet made the drive into town quite civilized. Finding a park at our designated meeting place wasn?t difficult and during the morning there were about 18 classic and sporting cars assembled there, whilst the groups of occupants grabbed coffees or huddled together under shop verandas to keep dry. Needless to say there were no roofless sports car heroes on this particular morning, although several convertibles were present with their soft tops erected. It?s interesting to analyse the types of cars that did make the effort to show up – a pair of MX5s, a pair of 911s, a pair of XJ6s, a pair of Mercedes saloons, a pair of BMWs and a pair of Mustangs. A single MGBGT V8, a Honda S2000, the Fiat 124 coupe, an XY Falcon GT and a 1940 Chevrolet. Quite a range of makes and models, and all well-presented despite the last week of inclement weather. Some participants travelled considerable distances to be present as well, so we acknowledge them especially. Understandably, a number of club members decided to leave their special vehicles at home this month, but it was pleasing to see them still supporting the event in person, after parking their regular daily drivers out of site.
Next month is the beginning of winter, it may be a bit chilly; but if the rain stays away, I believe we?ll see greater numbers at our next Breakfast Club gathering. Hope to see you there.

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