SEPTEMBER BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul ? Sunday 13th September

A most favourable Spring weather forecast augured well for a sizable Breakfast Club gathering and we were not disappointed by either the weather or the turnout. By the usual starting time of 8am, 40 vehicles had almost filled the southern section of the Woolies? carpark and the stream of sports and classic cars entering the venue showed no sign of drying up. It was estimated that over 100 special vehicles and their owners enjoyed the perfect conditions at this month?s gathering.
A pair of majestic Delage tourers stole the show as far as size, presence and age was concerned, but with so many vehicles on display there was certainly something to suit all tastes. One unusual and rare car making its debut appearance this month was Peter Walker?s 1959 Simca Vadette. Made under licence by Chrysler in South Australia the Simca has similar styling to Ford?s Zephyr and Holden sedans of the same era. It was fitted with a 2.4 litre flat-head V8 and a 3-speed column shift with drum bakes all around. Peter?s car has been beautifully restored and runs a supercharged version of the flat-head V8 driving through a 5-speed Celica gearbox. Other family sedans and wagons on display included several early Holdens, a couple of Valiants including an early R-series, and a Volvo Amazon wagon from the mid-60s.
Amongst the bevy of sports cars this month was Paul Montagnat?s new, late ?80s model TVR 350i which utilizes the 3.5 litre Rover V8 in a wedgy fibreglass roadster body-shell. As expected, there were plenty of open-top roadsters enjoying the fine weather. Early MGs including TC, TD and a Y-type, MGBs of all variants, lots of Triumphs, a couple of Sprites, a single big Healey, an XK 120, a Daimler Dart and an E-type made up a very strong British contingent. Alfa and Fiat Spiders, John Althuizen’s Ferrari 328 GTS, a Porsche Boxster and a couple of Z-type BMWs made representation for the rest of Europe.
As usual there were plenty of sporting and luxury coupes and sedans from both domestic production, the USA and Europe. There were some oddities as well including a very tidy, classic VW-based beach buggy, an equally tidy and lovingly restored short-wheelbase Land Cruiser, a couple of interesting motorbikes and even a weather-beaten 1960?s Mini Van on P-plates. Mark Revitt-Mills brought along his racing saloon car Commodore on its trailer, and there were several modern Japanese performance cars such as Ian Holdsworth?s turbo RX7 racer, a newish WRX and a twin-turbo Nissan Skyline for those who like their technology with chips.

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2 Responses to SEPTEMBER BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul ? Sunday 13th September

  1. Paul Rayment says:

    Great to feel the Warmth again.

  2. Geoff says:

    The wheels on the Volvo Amazon are – er – um – “interesting” to say the least: or to say as little as possible, anyway. Great to see one the road, though…

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