BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 11th October

Falcon GT, RT Charger and Morris Cooper S – ?three special vehicles with an enviable Bathurst pedigree that attended our breakfast gathering on this Bathurst 1000 race day. To many enthusiasts, the Bathurst race weekend doesn?t have the same significance as in the past when real production cars slugged it out over the mountain. The V8 Supercars may be faster, safer and more reliable, but sticking a composite body-shell that resembles your primary sponsor?s product onto the same purpose-built race car platform that everybody else uses, takes away any of the relevance and interest that the race used to command. Thank goodness we?re still able to enjoy those classic factory-built homologation specials that brought performance motoring to the masses.

Of course on such a fine, balmy spring morning it was expected that the roofless sports car brigade would be out in force and this was certainly the case with several Austin Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, MX5s, Fiat Spiders, Mercedes and Jaguars enjoying the opportunity. Other convertibles, in smaller numbers, included Diahatsu, Porsche, a Ford Laser based Capri and three beautiful older classics in the form of a Bentley, Delage and Bugatti.

European sporting coupes from Alfa, Lancia, Jaguar?and BMW mixed it with several Mustangs and an immaculate Corvette Stingray, whilst a couple of post-war Rileys represented an earlier generation of the British Sporting sedan. ?Later sedans included plenty of Mercedes and Jaguars, a classic American Ford Fairlane with more bling than Jeffrey Edelsten?s latest girlfriend, a Simca Vadette, a couple of early Holdens , a Falcon and a Valiant, and one very tidy Toyota Crown.

Another very successful Breakfast Club gathering with an eclectic?range of vehicles representing the automotive?interests of our local (and some not-so-local) motoring enthusiasts.

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