FEBRUARY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 14th February

An unprecedented turnout of sporting and classic cars (with a few street machines, motorbikes and assorted collectibles) made this month?s event our biggest yet. For the third month in a row we’ve attracted over 100 special vehicles, the rough count of 120 this month is probably an underestimate as there were cars coming and going all morning.
The regulars began arriving well before 8am and most staked claims to their favourite spots at the southern end of the carpark. It was a beautiful morning weather-wise, so those driving convertibles were able to appreciate the benefits of top-down motoring. And there were, as usual, a massive range of convertibles from which to choose your favourite. One of the oldest would have been Des Dillon?s three-seat, Hispano Suiza displaying L-plates and being driven by his daughter Ebony ? I wonder how many people have learnt to drive in an Hispano Suiza? Other very early roofless vehicles included a Delage and a Bayliss Thomas, then we moved into the T-type MGs, a big 1950?s Chev, Graham Longmore?s D-type and the usual range of classic English and European sports cars from 50s, 60s and 70s. Later soft-top models included plenty of Benzes, MX5s and a couple of Capris.
Ford USA seems to be benefiting from manufacturing the new Mustang in right-hand-drive and marketing it Downunder. The first shipments have only recently reached our shores, but three 5-litre V8 cars (in red, white and blue) joined us for our gathering this month and created a fair bit of interest. The classic Mustangs were also well represented and to my eyes remain the more attractive design. Other American muscle included a Pontiac GTO (a different one to the one on display at our February meeting at the Golf Club) a couple of Corvettes, a Camaro and a Plymouth Road Runner.
Making a debut appearance this month was a stunning Ford GT40 replica made by the Roaring Forties concern based in Thomastown, Melbourne. Resplendent in the pale blue and orange colours of the Gulf Oil Company it?s hard to believe that this iconic design is now well over 50 years old.
At the opposite end of the scale, Clint and Viv Wilson brought along their recently restored Morris 1100 showing off its very 1960?s two-tone pastel paint job. Two more Morris 1100s, a pair of Mini Coopers, a Leyland Clubman and a Clubman GT extended the Issigonis family of BMC front drivers.
There were plenty of Aussie cars to help balance the ledger, a couple of Monaros, a Falcon GT and RT Charger represented the sportier end of the spectrum, but there were some beautifully restored and some fairly original family sedans as well.

With so many vehicles regularly attending our monthly Breakfast Club gathering, some issues concerning the size and use of our current venue are becoming apparent. Unfortunately the cars on display are unavoidably spreading out and becoming scattered and lost amongst the shopping traffic closer to the entrance of Woolies supermarket. This is obviously inconvenient to all concerned. There?s also a greater chance of accidental damage to cars from shopping trolleys the closer we move to the supermarket vicinity, and although there have been no complaints from the retailers, if our numbers continue to grow, we may wear out our welcome. The Sporting Register committee have been looking at alternative sites in the Warragul area, but none really provide the easy access to multiple coffee shops and cafes, shelter from the worst of nature?s elements, or a captive audience of local shoppers. The most promising alternative so far, is the large car park in Mason Street just to the north of the now-closed, Sam?s Warehouse. There are over 160 car parking spaces, shelter provided? by several large oak trees as well as the covered entrance area to Sam?s Warehouse, the Newmason Caf? is just down the road, and toilets a couple of hundred meters away up past the Police Station. No decisions have been made to change from our current venue, but the committee is interested in the opinions of those who attend our regular monthly gatherings, on whether a move to a new location would be worth entertaining. You can submit your comments in the response box below the galleries of photos, or email any member of the Sporting Register committee.

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A Comment and some photos from Malcolm Irwin.
Great turn out this morning with an amazing array of cars on show.
None more iconic than the GT 40 'continuation'!

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3 Responses to FEBRUARY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 14th February

  1. Paul Rayment says:

    Whilst the size of the latest breakfast gathering was very large it may only be an ‘occasional’ thing, that is, when the ‘conditions’ are perfect.

    However, I feel that unless vehicles are in the ‘hot spot’ in the southern car park they tend to get ‘lost’ in the mix of shoppers cars etc.

    Therefore, I would be in favour of a move, mainly so that all attending can feel a ‘part of the action’, so to speak.

  2. Fred says:

    Mason Street looks OK, people will just have to buy their Brekkie and coffee before they arrive if they don’t want to walk somewhere. Do we really need to worry about shifting unless we get complaints from the businesses there? It is only a 2 hour [plus a little bit] period anyway.

  3. Graham Longmore says:

    Woolies car park “feels’ right to me; would be unfortunate to move.
    Attracts more visitors.
    Retailers not complaining.
    Close to eateries.
    Only occurs ~2hours per month.
    Still plenty of room for shopper parking towards the servo.

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