JULY BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 10th July

The morning dawned foggy but dry, there?d been no overnight rain and the empty roads were beckoning. ??Our sports and classic car owners are a hardy bunch, quite a few travelled roofless, but well rugged up to our early morning gathering this month, Graham Longmore had so many layers on, he was barely recognisable in his D-type Jag.? Driving through fog banks and temperature inversions isn?t usually an issue with modern air-conditioned vehicles, but in a classic you certainly need to be prepared for your windscreen and mirrors to instantly turn opaque in response to the conditions. As usual the Warragul Woolies? car park started filling early, those present hoped that the light easterly breeze might help lift the fog, but it hung around well into the afternoon and the breeze did little more than make us all feel even colder.



About 70 special vehicles were present at this month?s gathering, surprisingly 10% of those were not MGs or Triumphs or MX5s, but Porsche Boxsters ? must be End of Lease, sale time! As usual the variety of vehicles assembled was quite eclectic. We saw Des Dillon?s pre-war Hispano Suiza; 1950?s saloons from Citroen, Riley and Humber; classic English sports cars from Austin Healey, MG, Sunbeam and Triumph, sporty Italian coupes from Alfa Romeo and Lancia, American Mustang Muscle and modern hot hatches such as Ray Youlden?s 3-day old Ford Focus RS. There were also plenty of Mercedes coupes and sedans, some classic Aussie sedans and even an enormous 4WD International pickup truck. One new-comer that drew plenty of attention was a pristine and genuine RS2000 Escort in canary yellow – quite a head-turner. ?It?s always interesting to see competition-prepared cars at our monthly gathering and this month we had Ian Holdsworth?s turbo RX7 and Steve Schmidt?s Group Nb Historic Cooper S on show ? coincidently, there were also standard versions of similar cars with which to compare.

The weather stayed cold and foggy all morning, but the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Most people stayed around ?till at least 10am before heading home and tucking the car away in preparation for their next Sporting Register event.

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