EAST SALE SPRINTS, Sunday 21st August

Three or four times a year, the RAAF Car Club of East Sale host a sprint meeting at the RAAF Base using sections of the runways and taxiways to create a one-mile race circuit.

Groups of eight cars are sent out at a time to complete a warm up lap and then three flying laps of the circuit? with the aim being to record a personal best lap time rather than dicing with the other cars on the track. Ian Maud (Toyota MR2), Mike Whitford (BMW 325) and Steve Schmidt (Fiat 124 AC coupe) represented our Club this time around and managed to get a couple of reasonable run sessions in before the rain came and slowed everyone down. Ian was our fastest driver with a best time in the 62 second bracket which placed him third in class, Mike and Steve went out together in the same group with Mike, who had never raced there before, learning the circuit by chasing the Fiat. Before the rain came, both drivers returned best lap times in the 66 second bracket, however, if it had stayed dry Mike would surely have improved on his earlier times.

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Below are in-car videos of a lap in each car. Unfortunately the microphone wasn’t working, so there’s no sound.

The top one is Steve’s Fiat, centre is Ian’s MR2 and the bottom one is Mike’s BMW in the rain.


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