A lovely drive though the Neerim hills to the old timber town of Noojee was a great way to experience a club run for the first time. Hi, I?m Simon and this was my first club run other than attending the Breakfast Club a few times. Great organisation, (Thanks Jan and John Fowler), lots of friendly faces, happy conversation and a nice ?Nooj? counter lunch added greatly to the experience.

And the details;

It was a 10.30am meeting time at the Big Stump in Darnum for an 11am start. Those there early enough were able to enjoy a nice cuppa, (the next time I?m ordering the scones as these looked very tasty), before John handed out the maps and conducted the briefing. As a newcomer it seems these briefings involve a fair bit discussion about cars with soft tops and the threat of rain.

As I was traveling by myself I started to wonder if any others were heading up to Noojee by themselves. Much more fun with some company, and I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Chris Evans in his lovely restored ?73 Alfa 105 GTV 2000. It is amazing what you can organise in 30 seconds while the other cars were driving off. This was a real thrill for me as I?ve always appreciated this model. The car goes alright too Thanks a lot Chris. Look forward to reciprocating in my little Fiat. 

The head count was 38 people and 20 cars and after our last-minute seat reshuffle we were the last car away. I was anticipating a bit of a doddle to Noojee but everyone?s old cars go really well.

The roads around Warragul are ideal for enjoyable driving. The group travelled from Darnum to Bona Vista, across the freeway and then north via the small roads to the east of Neerim. We popped onto the main Neerim / Noojee road for a short time then back to the east for the final descent into Noojee. Everyone must have been quite hungry as all the cars were not hanging around.  Before too long we were all lined up at the Noojee Hotel and ordering drinks and meals.

More fun conversation and all too quickly lunch was over. Chris and I were some of the first to head off after lunch so not sure if sweets were ordered. The ?Nooj? meals were well-sized so there may not have been too much room left after the main. Hope everyone made it back safe and sound.

Looking forward very much to another run and getting the Fiat on the road.

Words by Simon Eaton photos by John Fowler

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