MID-WEEK RUN to ERICA HOTEL – Wednesday 22nd March

After weeks of sunshine and dry weather, we meet at the Darnum General Store for the Mid-Week Run in drizzling rain. After coffee and a chat and instructions from John, we ?jump? into our cars for the drive to Erica.

There was a good attendance of 30+ members for such a dreary day (weather wise), with a variety of cars old and new.  Amongst the vehicles gathered was a Lotus Elan, MGB, MX5, Mini Cooper, Porsche Carrera, Porsche Boxster S, Porsche 944 & Mercedes 350SL (with windows down!!) to name just a few.  Sorry to those not mentioned, but as it was raining so much, I didn?t get a good look at all of the vehicles.

We headed north from Darnum and traveled along Darnum-Shady Creek Road, took a left at Wilkes Road and joined The Old Sale Road through Willow Grove and Tanjil South.  Traveling through the beautiful farmland of Gippsland, the drive was going quite well, – UNTIL ?. We got stuck behind a driver in a Toyota Corolla, who quite obviously doesn?t like corners and hadn?t found the accelerator on the straights.  Oh Well! ? we all had a very safe trip to Erica.  So safe, there was a comment that we could have counted the trees, I was thinking more like the blades of grass!  However, we arrived at our destination ? the Erica Hotel, which is a warm and friendly place.  Everyone found a seat and ordered their meals/drinks, and a good time was had by all. 

Once again another excellent outing thanks to the diligent planning by John and Jan.

Words by Jenny Rooke, photos by John Fowler.

(Jenny Rooke)        


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One Response to MID-WEEK RUN to ERICA HOTEL – Wednesday 22nd March

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Jenny,
    I?m glad the weather didn?t dampen the enthusiasm. Such a shame a good run like this can be spoilt by some selfish half-wit who doesn?t bother to look in their mirrors and won?t pull over to let what must have been a fairly obvious tail-back of cars through.

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