BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 9th July

Middle of winter, greasy wet roads following overnight rain and a biting westerly wind didn?t sound very inviting, but more than 60 sporting and classic vehicles ignored the bleak conditions and assembled in the Woolies carpark for our special monthly get-together. Several regular attendees deemed it prudent to leave their special vehicles at home, but still supported the event with their presence. Your correspondent typically ignored common sense and cranked the Fiat 124 Spider into life for an invigorating topless run into town where it was obvious that irrationality and open cars go hand in hand. A big Healey, T-type MG, Triumph Spitfire and Des Dillon?s Hispano Suiza all defied the conditions and arrived roofless; but there were plenty of sensible convertible and sports car owners opting for the soft or hard-tops this month as well.
A group of Triumphs, consisting of a pair of Stags, a 2.5 sedan and the afore-mentioned Spitfire dropped in for a short stay before resuming their run to the British Day at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Maffra. We also had several visitors from outside the district driving a range of vehicles that added depth and variety to our local collection.
Cars making their debut appearance this month included a very tidy Valiant Pacer, a beautifully restored Morris Major Elite, a dark red V8 MGBGT, a BMW MINI Cooper S and Bill Formby?s magnificent 1923 V8 Cadillac.
One couple and car we didn?t expect to see this month was Bill and Judy Aitken in their classic Austin A90. Like migratory birds, Bill and Judy usually flit away up north during the winter months, but this year circumstances have prevented that from happening. Another unexpected participant was Ray Youlden?s new Focus RS which had been side-lined for months after damaging it?s ECU and wiring loom whilst competing at the Bryant Park Hillclimb track. Diagnosing the electrical issues proved to be more problematic than expected, but it?s great to see it back on the road again.
Last month we were introduced to Ray Murphy?s black Jaguar XKR – well apparently Ray felt it needed a bit more presence, so after some exhaust work, the supercharged V8 now has a bark to match its bite. We also heard the beautiful V12 clothed within black Ferrari Maranello 550 bodywork as it arrived and later departed our gathering. There really is nothing quite like the sound of a Ferrari V12, although John Cobbledick is wondering what the Jag?s V12 would sound like with a less restrictive exhaust! Perhaps we?ll find out next month!

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