Garage Visit at The McKibbins – Sunday 24th September

Although rain was falling just about everywhere, the sun was shining at Rokeby, the wind was another matter so the roller door remained shut.  This did confuse the early arrivals wondering if they had the right Sunday.  The aforesaid wind had also blown away the flag that was at the front gate so there was an added navigational challenge.
All the above did not deter about forty members attending, we even had at least one hardy soul with the roof off, but as I said it was sunny Rokeby.  Because we now have some English cars in the shed we had scones instead of croissants as the feed of choice with Sue banished to the kitchen for most of the event.  As promised the Austin Seven had its first start if you don’t count it spontaneously starting the day before, only a small amount of oil was spilt and very little smoke was lost from the Lucas electrics.
Thanks to everyone who attended, particularly those who brought edible and quaffable offerings.  The shed has not been as clean as….. the last time we had a shed opening.


More photos to follow (perhaps)


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