ELOWYN GARDENS RUN, Yarra Glen – Sunday 15th Oct.

Your correspondent only had time to photograph the morning stages of this run, from Pakenham, through Upper Beaconsfield and on to Emerald, before returning back to Warragul.

Hopefully one or more participants will furnish a report on the day’s activities with some additional photos.

They can be sent to: editor@sportingregister.org.au

Thanks to Trish and Ron Brooks for the additional photos taken at Alowyn Gardens (Photos 28 – 39) and also John Fowler (Photos 40 – 47).

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One Response to ELOWYN GARDENS RUN, Yarra Glen – Sunday 15th Oct.

  1. Ian M Holdsworth says:

    Sue & Pud had a great day , Thankyou Ron & Pat for the trails we travelled Coffee at Emerald is on our radar now. The most beutiful Trees in the world never been in a fire. Some areas on the Black Spur were not so lucky. The Gardens we have been driving past for 30 years, never called in. Glad we did go to see this, so large and diversified, lots of passion with it. food was very good with fresh fruit to finish off. we called into the chocolate shop on way home. after 10 minutes trying to park. went in for an icecream. 20 in cue, walked in past 100 people, All eating Ice creams. Got in eventuly, Ice cream cue was 19 inside, Shoulda stayed outside. went back to Healsville, for an ice cream Couldnt find one. Had beer and Burger, Sleep. Home for 7 pm news. Had a very big day, enjoyed every minute of it.Thankyou to all involved. Pud & Sue

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