Mid-Week-Run to the ?Gippy Goat? – Wednesday 22nd March

On a very windy and blustery day, approximately twelve cars departed for a drive of 74.7 kilometers, or a one hour 12 minute run. John Fowler briefed the drivers before we left Darnum to be careful of fallen branches and limbs. We then proceeded to Bona Vista and Bull Swamp Rd, and then a huge falling branch fell down across Hamiltons Road and just missed Kevin Riley?s Mercedes boot! So, this was the first of many stops to remove large branches from across the road. Then on to Burnt Store Rd and just around the corner we stopped again so that John (who was leading) could move the branch covering the road. 

Then on past Lardner Park, to Drouin South and along the Westernport Road to Invermay West Rd. Along the way here, we encountered some small dogs and many more twigs on the road that we had to dodge around. The wind was extremely strong. We then proceeded along Invermay East Road again stopping several times to clear fallen limbs. The lead drivers managed to clear the road for the tailenders to get through. Sheehans Road to Hunters Road, saw more twigs and branches on the road that had to be cleared. Watching for twigs etc took the enjoyment edge off the tour a little, over what would normally be excellent touring and scenic roads.

From Ellinbank to Cloverlea on the Hazeldean Rd, it was basically clear. After Cloverlea the leaders came to a halt as a large tree had come down across the whole road. This one was too large to be cleared by hand, so a U turn back to the Darnum – Cloverlea Rd and into Darnum, and onto the highway to Yarragon and the ?Gippy Goat? on Gordons Rd. Some members had gone directly there.

The wind was still blowing strong and being a pain.  Still in the end, everyone coped with it, and seemed to almost enjoy the ?challenging? experience, and it certainly gave everyone something to talk about!

We enjoyed our various enjoyable lunches and our natter with the other club members, in an area specially set up for us on the enclosed Verandah. Thanks to John and Jan Fowler for organising another wonderful Mid-Week-Run.

Submitted by Eddie Hammond and Brain Jolly. Photos by John Fowler.

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