Breakfast Club – 9th September 2018

In theory the Spring is sprung but as I watched the dawn I quickly realised the forecast weather wasn’t likely to be delivered, at least not in Allambee. Gusty cold winds and dark skies rather than a calm sunny morning. So dismiss the plan to give the MGB Roadster a run and switch to the MGC GT. What a lucky fellow I am I thought as I washed the car to have a choice. Then a few minutes down the road to meet David Anderson who had threatened to ride his Harley last night…. but common sense prevailed and he appeared in the Pontiac looking very warm and cosy.

Road works in Queen Street would have welcomed many members as they approached the Woolworth’s car park but certainly it, nor the cool weather, was a deterrent with more than 80 cars appearing whilst your correspondent was there. Although I missed a late surprise visit of several Porsches by minutes apparently. Thank you David Anderson for those photos.

As usual there was a huge variety of cars of all ages and manufacturers. The British contingent was out in strength and included a number of MGs, namely an MGA, MGBs, an MGC, and TD. There was a Sprite, a few Jaguars – new and old, a couple of Minis, a pair of Austin Healeys, a Triumph Stag, a Morris ‘1000’ convertible and Elite, a couple of Triumph TR series, a Morgan, a Humber, Sunbeam Alpine and Ian Mellows yellow Lotus Elan.

Mercedes Benz and BMW were well represented, mainly by more modern high performance varieties such as Glenn Campbell’s recently acquired V8 M3. There was also a Porsche a Citroen, Mark McKibbin’s Lancia Lambda, a Fiat convertible, a Saab Convertible, a lovely ’72 VDUB’ an Alfa Spider and Alfa Romeo 2.0 GTV filling out the European ranks. Three well presented Volvos arrived together. There was one brave soul on a BMW R100RT.

American muscle cars were once again out in strength with a number of Mustangs and the Pontiac. This month’s event also show cased a number of different Holdens including a beautifully restored deep red ute, a Charger, and a couple of Ford muscle cars.

Finally there were the usual Japanese suspects: Nissan 350z and 370Zs, a welcome visit from Malcolm Irvine in his Subaru WRX, a few Mazda MX5s and Ian Holdworth’s black RX7 with its astonishing engine bay that really is a work of art!

Once again, plenty of variety to keep members and visitors occupied and demonstrate why the Breakfast Club is such a popular and successful Club event.

Stephen Hoole

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4 Responses to Breakfast Club – 9th September 2018

  1. Grant Buck says:

    My son turned 16 and got his learners during the week. His first drive in a manual was to breakfast club – hence the red MX5 with ?L? plates! Regards Grant Buck.

  2. John Cobbledick says:

    Congratulations Stephen Hoole ! Your concerns were unfounded ,the photo’s were good as was the wright up . Steve schmidt may offer you an apprenticeship .

  3. Our first visit to the Breakfast club by members of the Volvo Club of Victoria was most enjoyable. We look forward to a return visit.

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