PRESIDENT?S 100 – Sunday 30th September

It was always going to be a big ask to gather one hundred of the Club?s classic and sports cars together in one place at the same time, but ?President?s 100? sounds so much better than ?President?s 50?. There were however, more than one hundred of our members gathered at the Latrobe Airfield, but with everyone wearing high-vis, it looked more like a tradie convention – the car park thankfully reflected a different demographic.

Thirty-five cars departed Shell?s Warragul Roadhouse in a convoy that seemed to stretch out for miles along the lesser-used scenic backroads along our route. Despite the fairly simple convoy instructions of following the car in front and not loosing the one behind, there was the inevitable hiccup mid-field, but very little time was lost and the convoy regrouped on the outskirts of Traralgon. The airfield car park already contained a goodly number of our members? cars when the convoy arrived ? a count later revealed a total of 55 members? cars and it?s lucky there weren?t too many more otherwise we?d have been spreading out onto the tarmac.

Sporting Register member, Ian Honey, is also a member of one of the aviation clubs based at the Airfield and he was instrumental in inviting us to use the venue which included their clubrooms, kitchen and BBQ. Ray Youlden and Jaime Drysdale had arrived earlier and seemed to be well in control of the food situation, they were turning out sausages and onions faster than Bunnings on a long weekend.

Once lunch was over, Ian took us on a tour of several hangars containing a range of small aircraft belonging to members of the aviation clubs. Apart from the wide range of aircraft types and designs on display, one aspect of the tour that hit home was the enormous amount of space required to store these be-winged things and the issues that must be involved when wishing to take one plane out of a hangar without having to move all the others as well. A hangar that that houses four planes would comfortably accommodate a dozen classic cars!

A big thank you to Ray Youlden, Ian Honey and the members of the aero clubs involved, for hosting this very popular event and giving us an insight into what goes on behind the gates at the Latrobe Airfield.

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  1. Ian Holdsworth says:

    Thanks to President Ray , Ian Honey, Jaime, For the Effort to put on this popular Day for the Club, All were very interested in the aircrafts on display, and the Infrastructure, at the airport, and the costs of things in Aviation, Plus the history of the Airfield, Thankyou from Sue & Pud, and the Club.

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