MID-WEEK RUN to Mirboo North – Wednesday 17th October

The Darnum Stump Tea Room was a good choice of a meeting point for the first summer mid-week run. Although the day was overcast the event was well supported and the room soon filled with club enthusiasts sharing morning tea. Outside, an impressive line-up of cars announced that the Gippsland Sporting and Classic Car Register was in town. Several cars had the hood down, as if to challenge the rain clouds (this turned out to be not such a good idea!)

Our leader, John Fowler, soon had us assembled for a briefing, while he explained the intricacies of a journey to Mirboo North using generally deserted back roads including the fabled Grand Ridge Road. Armed with maps and run sheets, engines were started, and we were soon on our way.

John had rather cleverly divided the run sheet into sections, headed Gainsborough Road, Warragul-Leongatha Road, Grand Ridge Road through Seaview, Trida, Hallston, Allambee South, with the run concluding at Mirboo North and the Mirboo North Commercial Hotel. Here we were joined by four more cars, bringing the total to around eighteen with 38 participants. Most parked in the secluded car-park at the rear of the Hotel.

Travelling along these winding roads certainly showcased the variety of the beautiful Gippsland countryside from open grazing land to forests with some steep areas. Many drivers stopped to raise the roof as rain caught us up in the hills. However, one hardy soul in a red MGB (Rolly Ruck) carried on hoodless despite the rain, only getting wet when the cars in front slowed him down. Oh well! At least it was dry at Mirboo North!

The Mirboo North Hotel proved to be an excellent venue, and the friendly staff quickly took orders and served well priced quality meals and catered for those with special dietary requirements. This was an enjoyable conclusion to an excellent day out and was coupled with a lot of happy talk about the run and the cars around the 3 long tables.

Following the meal, people chatted for quite a while then drifted off, while some explored the shops in Mirboo North. Later in the afternoon, torrential rain slowed the journey home for many participants.

This mid-week run was a great event. Thanks are due to John & Jan Fowler for their meticulous organisation. We now look forward to another mid-week run.

Joy Wright  BMW E30 318i

Photos by Ken Wright.

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