MID-WEEK RUN, DARNUM TO POOWONG ? Thursday 15th November.


At the age of 37

She realised

She?d never drive

Through Paris

In a sports car

With the warm wind in her hair

                        – Marianne Faithfull


But all that changed for Anthea and Pam when they joined the mid-week run from Darnum to Poowong on Thursday!

There was a good turnout at Darnum Stump Tearooms for morning coffee followed by a briefing by John Fowler and the handing out of route maps. Some 22 cars drove following the leader in convoy via Parkers and Hazeldean Roads, Hunters and Burnt Store Roads to Hallora, and then on to Tetoora Road, circling back via Torwood-Topiram Road, then picking up Main South Road, and finally south into Poowong.  

The MG TD with its top speed of 50 mph probably helped to set the gentle pace but with the weather mostly sunny and the scenery sublime, any frustrations were hopefully dispelled.  A few grey clouds had us scanning the skies but they managed to sweep around us and the temperature was warm.  

38 people attended and all but two made the drive from Darnum, choosing instead to meet the convoy at Poowong Hotel for lunch.  The food was good and the service excellent.

So happy were Pam and I with our first long run in the MG, we changed the words to Marianne?s song and sang to the heavens as we drove along:

At the age of Never-you-Mind!

They realised they?d made it

When they drove through Poowong

In a sports car

With a birds nest style of hair!


–   Words by Anthea Dacy MG TD (1951)   Photos by John Fowler

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