MID-WEEK RUN to NOOJEE PUB – Wednesday 12th December

Six convertibles and about 18 cars in total assembled at the Stump Tea Rooms for the Mid-Week Run to the Noojee Pub. The weather was as Rex Hunt would say, ?Magnificent?, and it was great to see some of the locally made cars out to enjoy the run.

Lord and Lady Fowler led off regally in the 1965 S-Type Jaguar, but they knew that if it broke down, there would be someone behind them to the rescue. I even thought that I might have seen a ?mechanic? in the back seat, but maybe it was just a pair of overalls.

At one stage of the journey we got behind a low loader and we were surprised that none of the British cars over-heated (this being a trait) but I?m sure that the temperature gauges would have been glanced at. Thankfully, the Brits produced some of the most distinguishable classic car shapes ever.

On our way through to Neerim North, if you were lucky enough to have the hood down, you could hear the Bellbirds, it was such an ideal day for a convertible. Further along, someone wasn?t quite so lucky, we passed a 4WD ute or truck over the side of the road in the bushes, maybe it is true that these utes don?t handle or brake so well.

The route taken through farmland and treed areas was very scenic with the countryside looking in excellent condition and everyone having a good time in the cars that we all enjoy driving.

An enjoyable meal was had at the Noojee Pub in equally enjoyable surroundings. The weather not being too hot to have lunch undercover on the deck with views over to the river.

It was good to see such a terrific turn-out of cars and people, and to see a different array of vehicles which are obviously our members? pride and joys (and liabilities!) As most of the men were wearing hats of some description, I thought that it might be a good idea to follow Joy?s lead, for the ladies to wear a hat on the next run – might be a bit of fun!!

On our way back from Noojee, we (Jen & I) decided to take a look at the Historic Trestle Bridge, and whilst we were there, we were surrounded by about 20 or so motorbike riders. Luckily, they were oldies like us and friendly, so we took a few photos and went on our way.

As always, a big thank you to John and Jan (sorry, Lord & Lady Fowler) for planning another successful Mid-Week Run. I am sure we are all looking forward to the next one.

Words by John Rooke, photos at Trestle Bridge by Jenny Rooke, other photos by John Fowler.

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