BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 13th Jan

Sunday mornings are usually fairly peaceful out our way.  A few regular dog walkers can be found being led around the block, others enjoy the opportunity to sleep in, or even take a stroll around the garden prior to breakfast on the patio. Once a month, however, the tranquillity is disturbed as sports and classic cars awaken to the twist of a key or press of a button and make their way towards the gathering point in Warragul. The early-birds begin arriving before 7:30 and usually grab a bite at Frankies Cafe or Maccas over the road. By 8am if the weather is fine, finding a space in the southern section of the car park is nigh on impossible. This month we enjoyed perfect weather and the event attracted somewhere in the vicinity of 90 vehicles.

The British contingent easily outnumbered marques from continental Europe, Asia, the US or Australia this month. Mark Sanford?s recently imported GT6 swelled the Triumph ranks, but there were MGs a plenty, a couple of Healeys with many other classic and modern sports cars supported by half a dozen Minis (including a very tidy 1275LS brought along by Frank and Kate Columbine), several Jaguar sedans, Bill Formby?s Roller, a similarly proportioned Bentley and even a 1955 Hillman Minx belonging to John Boland, which was making its debut appearance on very recent Club Permit plates which now number in the 99 thousands.

The popularity of the new Mustang is becoming such that they often now outnumber the classic versions at our gatherings. This month it was interesting to see a red 2019 model which can easily be identified by the pair of rearward-facing vents in the bonnet. A little birdie tells me that there?s another couple of 2019 Mustangs out there that have recently been purchased by members of the Sporting Register – we wait with anticipation for their debut appearances.

There can?t be too many Type 35B Bugattis in Australia, so Des Dillon?s 1927 example always creates a lot of interest when he brings it out. From the same era, we had Mark McKibbin?s Austin Seven Special as well as a 1929 Chevrolet International Coupe making what I believe was a debut appearance at our gathering this month.

As usual, there?s always a couple of odd-ball vehicles on display, sometimes we?ll have a dune buggy, a Mighty Boy or a kit-car turn up, this month we had a couple of interesting utes ? Vinnie and Sharon Vorkapic?s classic Ranchero, and a customised Subaru Brumby. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

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2 Responses to BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 13th Jan

  1. Grant Buck says:

    Great reading and, as always great photos. Thanks! Grant Buck.

  2. John says:

    Really enjoyed my first experience at breakfast club. Such great variety of cars.


    John Poletti (Crystal white NA MX5)

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