TWILIGHT RUN ? Friday 22nd Feb

The drive was short and simple ? south down the Korrumburra Rd ?till the turnoff to Poowong, along there a bit, then a right turn into the Drouin South Rd, northwards through Poowong East and back to Warragul via Lardners Track. Plenty of twisties interspersed with short straights to give the driver and machinery a workout, and scenic views for the passengers.

Listening for the approach of cars on a beautifully still, warm summer?s evening whilst standing on a corner in the middle of nowhere with a camera, it was easy to pick those who were having a bit of fun. Kevin Riley in the SL55 was the first to pass by my location, probably not realising that I was there as he focussed on road ahead, Glenn and Pam Campbell followed on through a minute or so later in the V8 M3 BMW sounding sweet. There then followed a procession of another 16 sporting and classic cars, some running singly, others hunting in packs. Mark McKibbin?s Lancia Lambda missed the photo point, but was the first to arrive at IN2FOOD back in Warragul after taking a shorter route at a more leisurely pace.

Your correspondent?s Bugeye was parked on the roadside just past the photo point, but to several locals it must have looked as if it had broken down. I was offered a push-start and even a ?tow into town? by passers-by who obviously hadn?t lost their appreciation of BMC?s reliability reputation. Eventually everyone arrived at the dinner venue where 40 or so members stayed on to enjoy drinks and a meal in the restaurant?s upstairs dining room.

Thanks to Mark McKibbin for organising another enjoyable outing.

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