BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD – Sunday 13th July

Warragul’s Breakfast Club was only for the devoted or foolhardy this month. A cold, gusty westerly wind kept the apparent temperature to around one degree whilst occasional showers of misty drizzle dampened the spirits as well as the assembled classics. The few convertibles that made an appearance were all wearing their soft-tops or hard-tops securely in place.

Twenty-seven sporting, classic or special vehicles is only a fraction of our usual turnout, but totally understandable given the conditions on the day. Of that twenty-seven, almost half were British with three Minis, three Jaguars and a couple of MGBs making up the majority. However, Mercedes topped the league tables this month with four cars, two of which were making their debut appearance at Breakfast Club. One, a large blue sedan sporting very recent Club Permit plates – I apologise for failing to get any additional information on this car – the other being Ray Youlden?s recently acquired 2012 E63 AMG, which replaces both his older E55AMG and his Ford Focus RS hot hatch. Ray obviously feels the need to use up his share of our oil resources as quickly as possible before cars such as this (bi-turbo V8 with around 400Kw and 700Nm of torque), become politically unpalatable.

Also making debut appearances this month were Peter Waghorn?s 1974 Ford LTD in two-tone green, as well as Merv Deppeler?s 2019 Mustang in red, which adds to our club?s growing fleet (or herd) of Pony cars and brings Merv?s stable up to two, having already restored a classic 1966 Mustang coupe.

The weather wasn?t improving, so most participants decided to pull the pin at around 9:30 and headed for somewhere warmer. Unfortunately your correspondent’s choice of transport didn?t have a heater, so it was a rather draughty drive home.

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