MONTHLY MEETING, Drouin Golf Club ? Thursday 12th September

With over sixty members and guests attending our September meeting it was a shame that the catering fell well short of the mark, leaving little on the buffet for those unlucky enough to be on either of the last two tables. A subsequent meeting held between the Golf Club management and our President, Ron Brooks will have hopefully turned things around in time for our October meeting.

The regular meeting business was conducted efficiently by Ron and his team, however it was disturbing to hear that Ed Denovan was in intensive care at the Alfred Hospital with a fractured skull, ribs and vertebrae after falling from a ladder. It is likely to be quite a while before Ed gets back behind the wheel of his Alfa or Triumph TR6, but we wish him a speedy recovery.

This month?s display car was a magnificent 1952 Ford Customline ?Single Spinner? belonging to new club member Brian Autie. Right-hand-drive Customlines were all built in Canada and this ?52 model was the first version to come to Australia. Despite being built for our market, lots of small things were changed once the cars arrived Downunder.

Brian?s car is mechanically original apart from the twin exhausts and it only needed some attention to the brakes and wipers to attain a roadworthy certificate. It is fitted with a 239ci, 110bhp flathead V8 with a manual gearbox. The straight and rust-free bodywork reflects the low 75,000 miles knocked up in its 67 years, but the shiny back enamel paintwork is not original.

Brian says the Customline is happy cruising at around 55 mph, but is hopeful that it will handle better and be more stable in crosswinds with a new set of radial tyres. The current whitewall crossplies look great, but tend to steer wherever they want !

Thanks for bringing your car along Brian, it?s a lovely example of the marque.

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