The trial started in the Woollies’ Car Park, 12 cars and their passengers braved the perfect weather to be issued with a map and instructions, the objective to navigate to Noojee via various points of interest by the most direct route, odometer readings were noted.  The instructions had a list of destinations with a question for each to verify arrival also there was a list of roads that could not be traversed and few that had to be.  The Bush Lawyers who were certainly getting into the spirit of the event took this to mean driving onto a compulsory road, doing a U turn and then going a more direct route, this was allowed  as I did not state they had to drive its entire length, something I will do next time.

Everyone arrived at the Red Duck Caf? handed in their sheets with odometer readings totalled.  The consensus seemed to be positive and it appears that no divorce proceedings have resulted.

During lunch the sheets were tallied, and the result was a draw but after adding 1Km for an incorrect answer the eventual winner was Karen and Steve Austen by a short half head.


1.       Karen & Steve Austen 92 Km

2.       Pam & Glenn Campbell 93 Km

3.       Carol & Ian Mallows 94 Km

4.       Marg & Alan Humphreys 95 Km

5.       Richard Adams 98.7 Km

6.       Jenny & Ian Honey 99 Km

7.       Ann & Kevin Perry 100 Km

8.       Sue & Peter Bradley 106 Km

9.       Kate & Frank Columbine 108 Km

10.   Judy & Phil Barnard 110 Km

11.   Alan Law 123 Km

12.   Ray Youlden (no Navigator)


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