PHILLIP ISLAND CLASSIC, Weekend 7th & 8th March

Historic racing is drawing huge fields these days with cars and quite often drivers from eras that many regard as being the Golden Age of motorsport, doing what they do best. Whether it be the turbo-era Ford Sierra touring cars, the delicate Elfin Streamliners of the ?60s or ex-World Championship Formula One cars, there are sights and sounds that never fail to draw a crowd.

Although not a gazetted Club event this year, and without any of our regular drivers competing, it was surprising to see so many of our members strolling around the pit paddock and checking out the various club displays on Shannons Walk. Alan Richards had his Cooper S on display with the Mini Car Club, Shane Slatter had his E-Type in the Jaguar Club area, Ross McConnell managed to wrangle an invitation to display his Bolwell inside the Exhibition Shed, whilst Mike Whitford found a spot for his Ford GT40 just outside. Paul Mogensen and his brother Ash participated in the Shannons Cavcade to Phillip Island and had their Milano MG on display at the circuit on Saturday.

The Phillip Island Classic is organised and run by the Victorian Historic Racing Register and each year they celebrate significant anniversaries of various race cars and sporting marques. This year coincided with the 60th Anniversary of Marcos Cars, and Heaven and Earth were moved to ensure that as many Marcos cars as possible would attend this event under the banner MARCOZ 2020. Your correspondent?s Mini Marcos and the V6 Marcos GT of club member Mike Kolody joined eight other Marcos cars from Victoria, NSW and South Australia in the what was the largest ever assemblage of Marcos cars in Australia. As well as displaying the cars during the weekend, we enjoyed a couple of Parade Laps before racing began on Sunday, and a professional photo session on the track after the racing had concluded.  

You can tell how successful each Phillip Island race meeting is by the length of time it takes to reach San Remo on the other side of the bridge. This must have been a very successful event !

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