BREAKFAST CLUB, Warragul CBD ? Sunday 8th March

I arrived at the Woolies? car-park at 7:45 and already the triangular section was almost full. The morning was sunny, but the wind was very cool. For a change, I took my 1947 Dodge short-tray truck which is all original and it has always been on the road – I am lucky to be just its third owner.

Once again, the range of vehicles was extensive, from classic open-topped sports cars to classic sedans to more modern sports and performance sedans and coupes from all eras.

Probably the European varieties were the in the majority with Japanese models close behind, but there was a good number of Australian models and British types, but American classics this time were the least represented from the approximately 80 cars on display. This huge variety certainly helps make the monthly get-together so much more interesting.

As always, there was a huge amount of mingling, admiring of others? cars with various discussions about them, as owners moved around the carpark and took the opportunity to catch up with each other and met new classic car drivers. This is what makes the gathering such a successful event. There was much interest from the public also, together with some enquiries about our Club.

As always, the various coffee shops and take-aways were extremely well patronised by everyone.  Many owners also took the opportunity to do some shopping which is a boost for the Supermarket and Target etc as well. So, our monthly event certainly adds to the coffers of these local businesses.

By about 9:30 some cars were leaving somewhat earlier – possibly to go to the Phillip Island ?Historics? or for a drive in the sun, but many were still there by 10:30.

Another great Breakfast Club gathering!

Words and photos by John Fowler

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