MID-WEEK RUN, NOOJEE HOTEL – Wednesday 18th March

What a great day!

The March Midweek Run to Noojee exceeded all expectations.

These runs are proving very popular as evidenced by the 21 cars and 37 members setting out from Darnum after a cosy coffee and chat at ?The Stump? cafe.

John delivered his usual briefing and maps from the bench before sending us on our way crossing over the M1 and immediately turning onto the Shady Creek road.

We travelled through the beautiful Gippsland greenery, while enjoying a delightful autumn day. At Shady Creek we tuned right onto the Yarragon-Shady Creek road then turning onto the Sillars Road, we then joined the Araluen Road before continuing along the Old Sale Road.

It was here that the fun started. After we zig-zagged and crossed over the Trafalgar-Willow Grove road, there were some who missed the left turn into Davey?s Road, but insisted that they were only extending their journey because it was such a lovely day. Really?

The road from Willow Grove towards Noojee became something of a frustration with large stretches of the road subject to resurfacing and frequent holdups. The fear of fresh tar on paintwork was a real worry for some.

However, despite the prospects of fresh tar, there was no taking away from the beautiful country we were driving through. The Alpine Ash forest never fails to excite those travelling through it.

All too soon we arrived at Noojee and the historic hotel. Here we were joined by 2 more members, bringing the total sitting down to lunch to 39.  Seated on the deck outside we were well-spaced apart and enjoyed excellent meals in delightful surroundings. This was a fitting reward.

Following much happy chatter, people started to drift way. Strangely, most went home through Neerim South. Wonder why?

Grateful thanks to John and Jan for planning the run and leading us. Sadly, this may be the last midweek run for a while thanks to the Corona Virus. Perhaps a future run could happen without a lunch destination?

What a great day!

Words by Ken & Joy Wright (BMW Z4)? Photos by John Fowler

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