MID-WEEK RUN Mk.II ? Yarragon June 18th

On Thursday 18th about 24 members, friends and guests gathered at the Stump Tea Rooms for delicious scones and coffee prior to the June Mid-Week Run Mk.II. John and Jan graciously offered to run this repeat event to satisfy our hunger to get our classic and sporting cars out after three months of lock-down. 

Around 13 or 14 cars took part in the run, with a great variety including, but not limited to, BMW, Benz, Datsun, Jag and a ?Mighty Boy?. Most noticeable on this run were the four MUSTANGS – with one classic, one mid classic and two moderns – Great Effort!! 

With John?s briefing complete, we set off in glorious Gippsland winter sun-shine. I didn?t notice any tops down though (the Audi and Capri were roofless! JF) as it was still only about 10 degrees. Some of us would probably be in Queensland or somewhere further north at this time of the year, but no one else wants us Victorians, so lets? enjoy home.

Finding new roads to enjoy with our marvelous scenery must prove difficult for John, but once again he found another way around – venturing south to Bona Vista along Bull Swamp road to Lardners Track and into the hills up to Tetoora Road, then back down into Hazeldean Rd, through Ellinbank and almost into Yarragon. Here the group turned south onto the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd.

Unfortunately, this is where your correspondents had to retire, due to driving too close to the broken edge of the road and destroying our left-hand front Pirelli. Fortunately, I had obtained a full size spare and was able to swap over, and continue on to Fozigobbles for lunch with the group.

(Notes from JF follows:) At the Yarragon-Leongatha Rd the remaining group wound its way up about 6 km into the hills with great views off down to our right and behind us. When we got to a sharp left turn marked with Yellow arrows, we had a very sharp left turn up into the Allambee-Childers Rd for a km or two, and then at a T-intersection we turned left and south onto the Old Yarragon-Leongatha Rd. This was a delightful downhill run into Yarragon with some wonderful views that we could all admire in front of us and off to the right.

In Yarragon we had a great meal with great company as we wound up our Thursday run at Fozigobbles Cafe.

Many thanks again to John and Jan for a most pleasant day.

Merv Swingler. Photos by John Fowler and Steve Schmidt

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